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Win the Right Construction Projects.

Find the most relevant construction leads for the US market or worldwide at the earliest possible time.

With Building Radar, you will be the first to know about new construction projects. Our unique AI technology seamlessly delivers new leads in real time, allowing you to target the decision-maker days or even weeks earlier than the competition.

       We detect new construction projects for the US market and worldwide, months earlier than manual research, years before construction start. It operates 24x7 and functions like a real-time system for the construction industry.



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Grow Your Project-based Sales!

  • Find construction projects earlier!
  • Spend more time selling!
  • Increase your revenue and growth!

Your daily work with Building Radar shouldn’t take longer than 15 minutes. Log in, check your custom inboxes for new projects, mark them as either interesting or uninteresting and follow up on the highpotentials.

Get background info on the companies involved at the construction site. Analyse their associations with architects, contractors, owners etc. Contact your key-stakeholder.

How do we Identify Relevant Construction Leads for your Business?

Winning Projects is hard, we make it easy for you.


Every day, we are searching through 10,000+ sources to find public bids,
newspaper reports and other signs of construction projects.


Neural networks of artificial intelligence
are reading more than 1,000,000 articles
daily and identify over 10,000 brand-new
construction projects worldwide.


Based on your precise criteria, we
are providing you with highly relevant construction leads for your business via a web browser in realtime.

Browse details on +500K construction projects in North America!


Generate new business, made simple.


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Our Customers

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Sonia Maria Scolt

Business Development Corporate Digitalisation, Linde Gas

"After using Building Radar’s expertise in a successful Proof Of Concept for 3 months in India, we have identified relevant potential opportunities for Linde Gas. We are now working with Building Radar to further deploy the solution to our sales teams in seven countries within the Asia Pacific region, using their native Salesforce integration."


Hans-Joachim Schweikle

Head of CRM, Schüco International

"I am convinced that construction project research based on artificial intelligence will become the new industry standard. Therefore, we are running Building Radar together with their native CRM integration."

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